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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Dealing with taxes is like treading through a minefield; regardless of if you’re a new business, an established business or a simple individual looking to maximize their income, you’re probably going to need a little help. Helping people and businesses keep more of their hard earned money is just what Mina Baselyous can do. Mina is an expert at finding every method and way for your new business to earn a profit quicker, as well as help an established business develop a plan that can stabilize their tax costs.

With more and more local and federal tax legislation changing by the day, tax planning is more important now than ever before. Properly planning your business model around the taxes you have to pay can make or break your business. The best way to deal with this headache is to hire a tax planner who can guide you through the decisions you need to make to pay less in taxes and earn more profit sooner.

In today’s modern world, nearly every decision you make can have you liable for taxes, fees and penalties. Discovering this too late can cause you to rack up more costs in interest. This is why it’s important to hire an educated professional at tax law to help you avoid as many of these unnecessary fees and penalties as possible. Our services can help you avoid getting overwhelmed with taxes on your business, or even just plan for retirement.

When hiring a professional tax planner, you can expect more than just someone to help you file your yearly taxes. A professional tax planner like Mina Baselyous will help you develop the plan that’s perfect for you and your business. The benefits of this kind of tax planning will help you avoid unnecessary liabilities on your income and investments, maximize your tax deductions, and so much more.

For most investors and small businesses, the amount of money you could potentially save by forming a cohesive tax plan is far more than the amount that you’ll pay by enlisting the help of a professional tax planner. Depending on the scale of your business and the industry you work in, you could be wasting untold thousands of dollars that could be saved just by making a few small adjustments to your business model. Our services can optimise your business model and your assets to ensure you get every penny of your income that you deserve.

More than just money, a tax planner can also save you a lot of time. For individuals and especially for businesses, paying your taxes and researching your local tax code is a major endeavor, which is probably far different than what you do as a profession. Tax planners like Mina let you get back to doing what you do best while he digs into the busywork of your taxes. If you run a business or are an individual needing help with their taxes, don’t delay, get Mina’s help at any time.

Getting more on your tax refund is tricky, but the only practical way to increase your refund is by making a solid plan at the beginning of the tax year. By planning your business and finance decisions around your taxes, you can maximise the amount you get on your tax refund.

In certain situations, the cost of travel is in fact tax deductible. Typically, travel that’s done as a part of your work can be deducted from your taxes. However, the cost of commuting from home to an office, usually is not.

Yes, your tax records are very important and to ensure you get the best refund, proper records of past taxes and other transactions should be kept. It’s best when possible to keep at least 5 years of tax records.

A business that earns $75k or more in a tax year is usually required to pay Goods and Services Tax.

A tax refund will require 14 business days at the very earliest to process from date of lodgement of the tax return.